Mary Ocher


What does freedom mean to you personally?

We are allowed to function within the social construct in ways that do not interfere with other people's sense of being. For some, in order to be truly free a certain access is necessary, i believe that a life that is sustainable, that is not bound to anyone else's desire, apart by choice, while not being cold, thirsty or cold is freedom. Life without sickness is freedom. Life in dignity is freedom, without persecution, a life without being followed by the certain vile gaze of strangers is freedom.

When was the last time you felt unfree?

Each time when i am asked to produce an identification document, whether i am instantly admitted, or asked to wait. When the judging face of a controlling officer asks me to remove my glasses and hat, so they can observe me. When i see soldiers patrolling the streets of brussels with heavy guns in their hands, and cctv operating on street corners in london, when certain politicians are holding a speech. These are reminders that that freedom is bound to so many restrains, for which much is sacrificed.

Where does freedom end for you?

Freedom is an abstract, it does not necessarily end in my perception.

Who or what threatens your freedom?

Notions of violence, notions of superiority, pride, accumulation of wealth, blind obedience, fear of the law.

Are you as free as you want to be?

I am more free than i have ever imagined anyone from a certain social background could ever be.